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  YYnet communications ("YYnet") specializes in designing web sites in Chinese and promoting the sites to the Internet users in China.  The most cost-effective way to market your products in China is by advertising them and making your company known to millions of Internet users.


      The number of Internet users in China reached 298 million by the end of 2008, accounting for 22.6% of China’s population.  About 90.6% of these users use broadband connections that include some flavor of DSL, a cable modem or a leased line.  (Source: report in The Wall Street Journal, 2009/01/13)  If not already is, China is on its way to become the largest Internet nation.  
  If you already have a web site in English, we can design a Chinese web site to compliment your existing English site.  If you do not yet have a web site, we can design one for you in either language or in both languages.      

In addition to designing your web site, together with our partners in the U.S. and China, we can:

  • Host and maintain your web site in either the U.S. or China
  • Promote your web site in both the U.S. and China
  • Connect you to legal, accounting and financial resources in China
  • Add on-line stores and other e-commerce capabilities to your web site
  • Set up web-based reporting, tracking and data entry systems
  • Enable your web site to interact with your customers, suppliers and shippers

In designing Chinese web sites and promote them in China we have the following competitive advantages:

  • Fluent in both languages
  • Well experienced in both cultures
  • Simplicity in design for better communication to the Internet users in China
  • Extensive knowledge about China, its market, and how things work there
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